Post Processing

The bridge between your images and meaningful data

We provide a range of Remote Sensing and GIS post processing services, typically derived from RGB and/or NGB UAS imagery.  We can process nearly all types of imagery, even in many cases when georeferencing information is missing.

Sources of georeferencing can include onboard camera GPS, flight controller GPS, GCPs, or existing georectified ortho-imagery. We produce output data that can be used in any standard geographic information system (GIS). All of our services are available for standard RGB and NGB images (NIR).

Image Outputs

  • Perspective Corrected Individual Images
  • RGB Orthomosaics Imagery
  • NGB Orthomosaics Imagery
  • 3D Georeferenced Point Clouds
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Spatial Analysis

  • Change Detection
  • Site Optimization
  • Spatial Patterns
  • Network and Proximity Analysis
  • Least Cost Analysis

Post Processing Example


Visible Red channel blocked with near-infrared channel measured in its place. NGB imagery can produce nearly all of the geospatial outputs as RGB and has additional spectral capabilities.
Near Infrared, Green, Blue Channel Image


The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is a simple graphical indicator that can be used to analyze remote sensing measurements and assess the health of live vegetation.

Quantitative Spatial Measures and Analysis

  • Distance
  • Height
  • Area
  • Volumetric Measures
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

Vector Data Production and Analysis

  • Image Classification: Land Cover / Land Use
  • Contour Lines
  • Slope
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Vector Layer Generation of Image Features
  • Vector Attribution including Dropdown Menus – Data Standardization

Post Processing Example


Visible spectrum image with red, green, and blue channels captured by regular digital camera.  This is how images are seen by the naked eye.


Specialized heat sensitive cameras are used to create orthomosaic images from multiple thermal images.  Grey scale conversion shown but false color outputs can also be generated.

Post Processing Training

Not only do we provide superior post processing services on demand, we also conduct training for our clients on how to integrate post processing into their own business.

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