Drone Training and Workshops

Enhance your skills in all areas of UAS operation and beyond

Safe and effective operation of advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) require specialized knowledge and skill.  With Ready to Drone you get customized onsite drone training that covers the full lifecycle of UAS implementation from learning the fundamentals of drone operation to custom data acquisition from aerial image post processing.

Get the skills you need to safely operate UAS platforms and effectively extract data most relevant to you and your business with confidence.  

Operations Training

We combine classroom style learning with hands on experience to cover all areas of UAS procedures and operations.

How long is operations training?

Operations training is typically held over five days but can be shortened to four in some circumstances.

What programs are taught?

Operations and post processing training are stand alone programs but we recommend combining them for more thorough UAV instruction.

What platforms are covered?

Our expert pilots cover ground and flight operations for both fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms.

  • UAS Fundamentals

  • Plan Flight Missions

  • Safety and Pre-flight Operations

  • Takeoff and Landing

  • Autonomous Missions

  • Manual Flight Operations

Post Processing Training

Learn about all aspects of post processing with our introduction to post processing tools and methods as well as advanced workflow discovery and data extraction techniques and outputs.

  • Image Acquisition

  • Basic Post Processing

  • Software Tools

  • Workflows

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Custom GIS Methodologies

How long is post processing training?

Sessions typically run anywhere between one to five days. We customize training to suite your needs.

What can I expect to learn?

Expect everything from basic post processing tools and methods to advanced workflow discovery and data extraction techniques and outputs.

What type of outputs are produced?

So many including, DSM, DEM, orthomosaics (RGB, NGB, NDVI, Thermal). See our Post Processing page for more examples.

UAS Workshops

Attendees can expect to come away from a workshop with a very realistic understanding of what it takes to effectively implement UAS within their area of expertise and the level of investment necessary to maximize the likelihood of success.

How long are workshops?

Workshops are typically conducted over one or two days. We customize depending on your areas of interest and needs.

Why do I need a workshop?

Our workshops are intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of UAV capabilities and constraints and examine their potential benefits to your business.

Are workshops interactive?

Workshops can include hands on interaction with an onsite UAV and in some cases a live flight demo.

  • UAS systems and architecture

  • Sequences and procedures

  • Regulations

  • Safety checklists

  • Environment of use

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Level of Investment

  • Technology, finance, and proficiency gaps

  • Maximizing chances of success

Our Workshop leaders offer unique perspective on applied UAS experiences in a variety of operational environments from around the world. They will talk from experience about what it takes to run a successful UAS program and what you need to understand to conduct safe, effective operations while capturing the valuable data required for your work. If you find yourself questioning if UAS integration would be useful to you, then a Ready to Drone workshop is your answer.


Our Post Processing training is a great way to get familiar with new data acquisition processes. We also include post processing as part of our mapping services. Learn more about our customized mapping solutions

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How can we help?

A discovery workshop with Ready to Drone is the perfect way to explore the potential benefits of UAS introduction into your own business.  Please contact us to find out more


Our consulting services are a great way to put into action any UAS benefits and items of interest identified from our UAS workshops. Find out more about our consulting services.

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