How do you know when you're ready to integrate UAS into your business?

When you find a partner who can answer all your questions


What are the limits of my own knowledge regarding UAS?

Before considering the value of UAS, you need to know  what defines them.

We’ll acquaint you with the hardware systems that make up UAS platforms including their basic operation, maintenance, and most importantly, their limitations and capabilities.


UAS systems incorporate a large number of electrical and mechanical hardware items including Autopilot systems, telemetry radios, motors, electronic speed controls, and multiple power systems.


UAS rely on flight planning applications to program and execute flight missions. There are also a number of applications used to post process data and generate image outputs.


There are a large number of platform choices in the market today and grow each year.  Whether fixed wing or multi-rotor, you’ll need to identify one that can meet your needs.

Ground Control

You may see a single platform in the air, but what you don’t see are the multitude of ground control components that send and receive data and maintain communications.


Which aspects of my current data acquisition operations could be replaced by UAS services?

Knowing the capabilities of UAS and identifying the best use of them within your business is one of the first tasks that we do.

Not only do we help you define your goals, we help you reach them.

Current Data Workflow


UAS Integrated Workflow



How will I identify potential and realized benefits of UAS introduction into my business?

The full advantages of UAS can only be justified by measuring their impact on your business.  We want to work with you to find opportunities for positive change and help you define the measure of their success based on your current business procedures and planned changes.


Manned Aircraft



2.5 cm
Ground resolution

1 Meter
Ground resolution

30 Meter
Ground resolution


Line of sight
Spectator clearance

Low altitude not recommended.  Power lines, bird strikes, terrain collisions

Not applicable


Low noise level ideal for conservation uses. Electric powered small prop.

High noise levels cause wildlife and residential disturbance.

Not applicable


$120 – $2600 (usage cost)

$10,000 – $35,000

$6,000 – $12,000


1-4 hour (processing)

1-5 days (processing)

4-6 Weeks (processing)

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Comparison of Satellite Surveying to Traditional Surveying Methods for the Resources Industry , JBIS, Vol. 65, pp98-104, 2012, Osborne, Osborne,  Kruger


How can I implement UAS into my workflow without risking my current operations and procedures?

Carrying out a UAS implementation requires a thorough understanding of UAS operations and data post processing.   Our strength lies in the full awareness of all areas of UAS implementation including platforms, software needs, post processing requirements, and the ability to tie them all into existing processes.

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Mapping Services

Want to take us for a test drive? Ready to Drone offers full service consulting services, but if you'd like to take it slow, we understand. Our mapping services include flight operations and post processing. Let us prove our value to your needs.

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How can we help?

The best way to navigate the complications involved with UAS integration is to have a partner who knows what to do.  Let’s talk about how our consulting services can find new opportunities for you.


Our consulting services are an excellent way for you to integrate UAS into your current business workflow. Let's setup a workshop to discuss your current business environment and how Ready to Drone can help.

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