When integrating emerging UAS technologies into your business workflow it’s important to trust someone with the right experience

We are pleased to announce that Ready to Drone was recently granted Federal Aviation Administration Section 333 exemption authority to operate unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes within the North American Airspace.

Achieving a 333 exemption allows us to provide aerial photogrammetric services for the purpose of identifying and extracting data from georeferenced orthomosaic images. In addition, we now have the option to include a wider range of flight operations during our training sessions and workshops including live flight demonstrations.

Ready to Drone?

The benefits and industries that are effectively using UAS in their business workflows increases every year. Contact us today to find out more about the products and services that we offer.

FAA 333 Exemption Assistance

Professional FAA Section 333 exemption assistance.  Let us guide you through the complicated and labor intensive process of applying for a Section 333 exemption for yourself or your business.

Benefits of Drone Services

  • Autonomy

    Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are able to fly autonomously by following programmed and fly by wire flight paths. This feature enables you to surpass the need for manned flights that require expensive manual flight operation.

  • Cost

    UAS remote sensing capabilities can typically perform better than current data acquisition methods at a fraction of the cost.  Drone services through Ready to Drone typically average 1/10th of the cost of manned flights or satellite data methods.

  • Time

    You’ll notice an immediate increase in image acquisition time as our flight missions are planned ahead of time and executed within minutes of site arrival.  Get the data you need faster.  Processed data is typically available within a matter of hours, not days.

  • Reliability

    You can count on a higher level of reliability when you choose to adopt UAS.  With the size and portability of Ready to Drone platforms you’ll have a smaller number of components to manage and maintain.  Be ready at a moments notice and go anywhere with Ready to Drone.

  • Efficiency

    Whether you’re partnered with us or going it alone, your business efficiency is about to get a boost.  Drone services through Ready to Drone will allow you to get your work done faster and see the data that you need quicker.

  • Precision

    Talk about precision, orthomosaics built from UAS images will typically give you a 2-10cm/pixel ground resolution.  In addition, our fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms  give you the opportunity to fly lower or even remain stationary during flight missions.

Ready to Drone Capabilities

Industries Best Served by Unmanned Aerial Systems

There are a large number of industries that are currently benefiting from UAS integration.



Research and Education

Land Use Planning


Infrastructure Maintenance